So it's an urban adventure, what does that mean?

Family Explorers

It's all about having fun and creating your own adventure!  You'll get a map and a clue sheet showing the checkpoints available around Lower Hutt, and you'll need to complete activities and solve challenges at checkpoints. 

Checkpoint Challenges

Expect a variety. Climbing, golf-drives, acting skills, art... there will be opportunities for everyone in your team to shine.

Each Easter egg scavenger check point will have a unique 3 letter code you'll need to copy to your code sheet to get the points for that station.  You'll have to find the egg using the map and clue sheet, and then copy the code.

It's up to you how many checkpoints you go to, in which order, and how you travel between them. You must move together as a team, and motorised transport is NOT allowed, but bikes, scooters, prams and wheelchairs are welcome.  Some teams may want to spend longer at a station they enjoy, younger team members may need more rest breaks, and older teams might challenge themselves to get to more checkpoints, it's all up to you.

You'll need to bring appropriate clothing for the weather on the day, one fully charged phone/team, any personal medication and any equipment needed for your transport (e.g. a helmet & pump if riding a bike).

You'll submit your code sheet at the finish line, and spot prizes will be drawn from these, but there are no place prizes. 

The aim of the day is to explore, have fun, and challenge yourselves!

Adventurer Teams

You want to have fun with your friends, and you want to win!  You'll need at least one smartphone with data per team, and you can have one per person.  When you enter your team, you'll get instructions to download the app, and the password to join the adventure!  

You'll need to bring appropriate clothing for the weather on the day, at least one fully charged phone/team with the dowloaded app, any personal medication and any equipment needed for your transport (e.g. a helmet & pump if riding a bike).

When the event starts, you'll be able to see the challenges, and must move as a team to complete them. You'll take photos & record videos of your team completing challenges, and submit them.  Each will be worth points, and there will be bonuses for the best submissions! You'll get live feedback during the game. It's your choice which challenges to complete - may the best team win!

You'll have two and a half hours to get as many points as you can. Then come to prizegiving, see your teams' entries and competitors on the big screen.

Prizes for the top three teams, and for the winners of some individual challenges.

What do I do when I get there?

You'll  need to sign-in at The Crooked Elm, pick up your event pack and have your fully-charged team's phone number checked against our records. Your event pack will contain a race number for each member of the team, your map and your clue sheet for the checkpoints.

Where's the course?  How far?  What terrain?

The answers to these questions are all up to your team!  You choose the challenges you complete, and how to travel between them.  Take shortcuts if you know them, take coffee breaks if you want them, or race non-stop.  The event is as hard or as easy as you make it.

Each Family Explorer map will show about 50 checkpoints, worth varying amounts of  points. It's up to you to choose the checkpoints that suit your team best.

As a rough guide, most teams get to around ten - there are lots to give your team options. It's up to you which ones to aim for, and what route to pick between them.  You can take shortcuts, go cross-country or go the long way around - it's up to you.

Exception: SH2 is out of bounds at all times.

You are responsible for your safety and that of your teammates.  

Ready, Set, Go!

You have two and a half hours to get to complete as many challenges as you can.  Family Explorer teams must submit their code sheets by 1.30pm at the finish to be eligible for spot prizes and results.

More questions?

Contact Aileen to ask:


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